About us

RENTAL ISRAEL is a dynamic, growth-oriented real estate company founded by the Alex Losky Real Estate Group. Due to popular demand, Alex Losky has developed a promising new real estate sector: vacation rentals.

Typically, short term rentals are not travelers' first choice. Tourists tend to turn their attention to hotels where they seek comfort, beauty, stylish surroundings and upscale stores … however, hotel accommodations are costly and often inconveniently located.

Alex Losky Group provides the ideal solution, combining practicality with pleasure: comfortable, fully furnished luxury rental properties in close proximity to tourist attractions at surprisingly reasonable prices.

RENTAL ISRAEL offers a broad range of apartments, especially designed for a dream vacation in Israel!

Do you dream of spending your vacation in the old city of Jerusalem, within walking distance of the Kotel? Do you enjoy the ambiance of the new, trendy Mamilla neighborhood, or would you prefer to spend a sabbatical in a young, inspiring and dynamic atmosphere? Whatever your preference, we have the perfect offer for you. Chava, a veteran expert in vacation rentals, will be happy to provide you with a wealth of information, guidance and tips.